Masturbation Addiction

Husband : 34 Yrs

Wife          : 28 Yrs

Marital Life: 7 Yrs

Referred By : Gynaecologist ( Sex Therapy for Unconsummated Marriage)

General History: In all aspects both are good like…… Communication, Emotional attachment, Love, Care, Trust, Understanding….

Sexual History:  

Both are enjoying foreplay, but till now they didn’t try for Play/ Intercourse.

Husband never showed interest to continue sexual activity after foreplay.

Sexual History of Husband: Before marriage he was working @ UAE for 7-8 Yrs. He started masturbation almost daily, after some years   he continued his practice day & night more than 2-3 times per day.

After Marriage also he continued same practice because he was failed in vaginal penetration with Partner.

And he never disclosed this issue with his partner.

Final Diagnosis:  Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation Addiction or Sex addiction, an addiction means your body is truly physically compelled to do something like Alcohol,Tobacco or Masturbate.But there is no absolute scientific proof that sex alone affects the human body especially by Masturbation.Most research reveals that there is a strong emotional component involved with sex-based addictions,not simply a physical craving.

Is Masturbation Addiction a real addiction?

Masturbation can be considered an addiction under certain circumstances. Some treatment programs and therapists note that using masturbation as a way to fall asleep or as a way to control anxiety can indicate an addiction.

However, moderate use of masturbation or other sexual activity for relaxation or stress relief cannot actually be called an addiction. To be an actual masturbation addiction, porn addiction or other sexual addiction, the sexual activities need to meet the following criteria:

  • The activity needs to be problematic when it creates a disruption to normal life.
  • If the behavior affects the ability to have normal sexual life with partner this could signal an addiction.
  • Constant thoughts & conversations about the activities can strongly indicate an addiction.

Some research studies revealed phenylethylamine(PEA) and stress related neurotransmitters are possible physical reasons for masturbation addiction.


*Sex Education & Counseling


-Cognitive Behavior Therapy

-Psychodynamic Therapy

*Couple Sex Therapy

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