Husband:  28 yrs

Wife:  24 yrs

Married life: 5 months

 Ref by : Dermatologist

Chief C/O: Male partner  complaints of fear about night, feels palpitation, severe sweating  etc .., only when he was with partner in bedroom.

Sexual History: From the first night, Male partner is not comfortable in the bed room. While taking history came to know that, it’s an consanguineous marriage.  He revealed that, during childhood he spend most of the time with her (played  with her,ate with her etc….) Suddenly both parents decided marriage for them. But he is not in the position to accept her as WIFE. By this factor he developed Sexual Dysfunction.

Diagnosis: Performance Anxiety

Management: 1. Supportive Therapy

2. Cognitive Therapy

3. Sex Education / Counseling

4. Relationship Therapy



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