Marital Status;1yr

Occupation; GOVT Servant

Ref by; Skin Specialist

Chief c/o: Loss of libido/ Errection problem

Sexual history; A male patient comes with the c/o loss of interest in sex and errection problem from 2 months. In the beginning of the marriage, his sexual life was normal. Now wife is 2 months pregnant, there are no family issues.

During sessions, he revealed that – he had a myth & misconception towards the nutrition/growth of the fetus by doing ejaculation in the vagina daily.

Due to this intuition, he underwent stress to do daily intercourse as his responsibility which leads to loss of interest/errection.

Diagnosis: Psychological Errectile Dysfunction.

Treatment: 1. Sex Education

2. Cognitive Therapy

3. Couple Sex Therapy

4. Sex in Pregnancy – Counseling


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