Couples came with the c/o Infertility,

Husband; 30yrs, professionally he is charted accountant

Wife; 28yrs, housewife

Married life; 2yrs 6months

Ref by; Urologist

Chief c/o ; husband complained about erectile dysfunction,when he is trying for intercourse.

Sexual h/o;  He is very actively participate in masturbation without knowing to his wife. After foreplay  with wife he suddenly looses interest which leads to erectile dysfunction.

During follow-up sessions, revealed that other than sexual issues they are locking with family issues [ adjust mental problems, egoism etc.] All these problems extend to bed room & affecting their sexual relationship.

Causative Factors; 1. Ignorance about Sex

2.Family Conflicts

3.Performance Anxiety

Diagnosis; Unconsummated Marriage

Treatment; 1. Sex Education

2.Couple Sex Therapy

3.Marital therapy


They attend regular sessions ,wife is become pregnant now they are leading happy married life.



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